Ohio Health Literacy Partners

What We Do For Our Members

As a member of OHLP, you will have access to evidence-based resources and experts to help you (and your organization) become health literate. Listed below are just a few of the benefits to joining OHLP:

  •  Networking with Ohio health literacy experts
  • Access to patient education resources
  • Support for your organization's health literacy efforts
  • Promotion of your organization's health literacy activities
  • Improve  access, satisfaction, and safety of health consumers in Ohio 

What Members Do:

  • Pay annual dues
  • Attend one OHLP membership meeting or event every year
  • Help out in one of our workgroups:

              * Community
              * Providers             

              * Organizations

Join Ohio Health Literacy Partners

Membership in OHLP is low cost but high impact and will help you better understand health literacy for yourself and within your organization.