Plain Language Health Resources

Information to help you make the most of your doctor appointments
Talking With Your Doctor is a booklet that contains information about

  • Talking with your doctor
  • Getting ready for your appointment
  • Making decisions
  • Talking with specialists
  • Worksheets to help you gather your thoughts and be prepared

Ask Me 3 is information about 3 important questions to always ask the health professionals who help you take care of yourself or others.

How to Know if Health Information is Reliable
Sometimes it’s hard to know what information to trust.  These resources will help you decide if health information will help you and not hurt you.

Information About Health, Wellness, and Health Conditions
Medlineplus has east-to-read information in multiple languages including:

  • Health topics including illnesses and diseases
  • Medicines and supplements
  • Medical tests

Reading the Label on a Prescription Medicine Bottle
This resource will provide you with all sorts of information about the medicines you are taking. 

Information to Help you Understand your Health Insurance
Selecting and understanding health insurance can be overwhelming.  These resources break it down for you.

                           How does health insurance help me?
                           How do I get health insurance?
                           Your insurance card
                           Paying for insurance
                           Managed care plans
                           Healthcare words to know

For consumers, patients, and family members to help understand and advocate for their own health or the health of others.

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