Learn how your organization can make it easier for people to navigate, use and understand health information to take better care of their health.

Patients & Consumers

This section is for health professionals and community outreach workers,  as well as faculty/educators who teach students in the health professions.

Working together to improve health communication between those seeking health care and those providing it .

For Patients

Whether you are a patient, caregiver or healthcare provider, explore this site to learn more about health literacy and how it impacts you.

Healthcare providers are encouraged to look at our upcoming events and trainings in the area and connect with our expert sources to learn more about integrating health literacy into your  organization.

Many people have trouble understanding health information.

Do you need help:

  • understanding your medical problem?
  • getting answers to questions about your medicine?
  • feeling less confused after a visit to your doctor?

You can get helpful information to answer these and other health questions in this section.