Health Professionals' Resources

Access this PDF of Provider Resources featuring three categories:

  1. Basics of Health Literacy/General Overview
  2. Plain Language Writing and Communication/Culture, Language, and Health Literacy
  3. Training/Education in Health Literacy 

Health Professionals Impact Health Literacy

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Health care providers can help the people they serve by making information about health and health services easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to use.

Some health care providers don’t do this. They use terms that patients don’t understand and they give them information that is hard to read.

This is why OHLP works with health care providers to help them understand how important it is to use common terms and give patients information that is easy to read. OHLP also works with health care providers  to show them how to do these things for the people they serve.

You can use the following resources to help you better understand health literacy practices for yourself, your students, staff, and within your organization.

Health Profressionals